Frequently Asked Questions

What is a concierge? And how can a concierge service help me?

A personal concierge is someone who provides personalized assistance and support in managing various tasks and activities. They act as a personal assistant, helping individuals with a wide range of needs such as making reservations, scheduling appointments, running errands, organizing travel arrangements, and even managing household tasks.

A personal concierge can save you valuable time and alleviate the stress of managing multiple responsibilities. They offer convenience and efficiency, allowing you to focus on what truly matters to you while leaving the rest in capable hands.

Are materials, products, etc. included in the pricing?

The client is responsible for costs of all items purchased on their behalf and costs incurred while completing the task. Mileage charge applies after 20 miles.

Can I really afford a concierge service?

Concierge services are not just for the rich and famous. Most of us could use a helping hand at times. The question to ask yourself is "how much is some extra time worth?" Another question to ask yourself is "what could I do with this extra time?" Perhaps you could spend it with all the important people in your life, maybe you want to use some of that time just to focus on yourself, or perhaps this extra free time will allow you to take a weekend away without worrying about all that has to be done when you return.

Once you realize how priceless time is, the cost of using a concierge service on occasion becomes a necessity.

Is there a service you will not do? What if I need a service that is not listed?

We will happily take on most service requests, as long as they are reasonable, moral, legal and ethical. If you don't see a service listed, just ask, and if it is possible, we will provide the service.

How do I request service?

You can reach us by phone at 262-421-6679 or fill out our contact form.

What are your payment terms?

Full payment is due upon completion of service. Some deposits and upfront costs may be required depending on the service.

What form of payments do you accept?

We take most major credit cards, checks, cash, and Zelle.
Please note: There will be a $50 fee assessed for returned checks.

What geographic areas do you serve?

We currently serve Ozaukee, Washington and portions of Milwaukee county.